Course Information

MG4504 Global Perspectives On Technology Management: A Capstone Project Course

Credits: 4.00

This course provides students with knowledge of current theories and practices related to managing international and multinational firms. Students study the ways in which international management differs from the management of a firm residing solely within domestic boundaries. Topics covered include planning, organizing, HR management, communication and negotiation and coordination and control of international endeavors. Case studies are used extensively to focus the class on technological examples of problems in international management. Students undertake a term project that either (1) develops a business plan for a technological international venture, (2) creates a case study of a technological firm’s challenges in international management or (3) analyzes an technological industry’s position vis-à-vis international management.

Prerequisites: MG 3002, MG 3024, MG 3204, MG 3304 and MG 3404.