Course Information

FRE6513 Interm Deriv Valuat & Applic

Credits: 3.00

This course covers increasingly exotic derivatives. The focus is on the principles and practice of financial engineering and risk management and on developing intuition: understanding the reasons for the existence of the product, simulating possible paths and possible parameter values as an exploratory process, approximating complex derivatives as a combination of simpler ones, and attempting to replicate the payout. The goal is to prepare you to be able to evaluate an arbitrary derivative given only its term sheet. To that end, the course requires a project almost every week. Projects can be done in any programming language (Excel, Mathematica, R, Python, etc.), but the final result must be stand-alone tables and graphs. The primary prerequisite is familiarity with standard option pricing and Greeks. Prerequisite: FRE 6123

Additional material: 6513 Outline.pdf