Course Information

FRE6051 Insurance Finance and Actuarial Science

Credits: 1.50

This course highlights essential facets of actuarial science, insurance and the finance-insurance convergence. The course assumes that students are familiar with basic notions of expected utility and stochastic processes, and options pricing. Topics include Insurance Business and Insurance Firms Management; Principles of Actuarial Science and Risk Pricing in Insurance and in Finance (Complete Markets); Expected Utility Approach to Insurance Risk Pricing and Management; Derivatives and the Financial Approach to Insurance Pricing; Insurance Products (Life Insurance, Casualty, Pension Funds and Defined Benefits); Principles of Insurance Management in a Dynamic and Global Setting. Throughout, the course uses numerous cases centered on actuarial and insurance problems and analyzes them from a financial perspective. Of particular interest are those related to insurance pricing, reserve policies, insurance pension funds, CATBOND and weather (insurance) derivatives and regulation.

Prerequisite: FRE 6103. Co-Requisite: None. Notes: None.