Course Information

EL7373 High Performance Switches and Routers

Credits: 3.00

This course addresses the basics, the theory, architectures and technologies to implement high-performance high-speed large-scale routers and switches. The fundamental concepts and technologies of packet forwarding, classification and switching learned in the class are useful and practical when designing IP routers, Ethernet switches and optical switches. Topics: IP Route Lookup, Packet Classification, Packet Scheduling, Buffer Management, Basics of Packet Switching, Output-buffered Switches, Shared-memory Switches, Crosspoint-buffered Switches, Input-buffered Switches, Clos-network Switches, Multi-Stage Buffered Switches, Two-Stage Load-Balanced Switches, Optical Packet Switches and ASIC for IP Routers.

Prerequisites: EL 5363 or advisor approval. *Online version available.