Course Information

EE1002 Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Credits: 2.00

This course introduces numerous Electrical Engineering subject areas, including power systems, power electronics, computer networking, computer processors, communications, feedback control, signal processing, and EM fields/waves. As appropriate for each area, the course introduces various devices, design and operational issues, design methodologies and algorithms. Also introduced are basic equations to model systems and algorithms to solve specific problems. Important technical developments and problems are discussed. Mathematical methods are introduced as needed. The course gives an overview of department courses. Faculty lecturers discuss research and industrial projects in which they have been involved. Assignments include computer simulations and Investigations of different systems. Written reports based on articles from the IEEE Spectrum Magazine are assigned. The IEEE Code of Ethics and ethics-related readings from the IEEE literature are discussed.

ABET criteria: i, h.

Prerequisites: CS 1133, MA 1024, and First-year standing