Course Information

CE4053 Biosoma – Environmental Design of the City of the Future

Credits: 3.00

The goal of this course is to improve the engineering design of a city and its components. The course focuses on the city as an entity that concentrates living organisms, societal organizations and activities and machines, interacting with the environment both outside and inside the city. A number of essential questions about the future of cities will be examined, such as: (1) what does urbanization mean for the future of humankind in terms of resources, capabilities, ideologies and culture? (2) How can the design of cities affect their future? (3) What should be the role of the engineer? (4) How can the engineer of the future be prepared for that role? (5) What critical engineering interventions are needed to influence the future of today’s cities? Each student will select a project that deals with some aspects of the course and present its results to the class.