Supplement to the Strategic Plan

Message from Katepalli R. Sreenivasan
Acting President and Provost

I am pleased to be able to present this supplement to the “Strategic Plan for Polytechnic”, adopted in 2007 by the then Polytechnic University. That historic document charted a new path for Poly, setting priorities and overall strategy that still guide us today. That plan anticipated a subsequent implementation plan, and this supplement serves that purpose. In addition, it reflects the decision to first affiliate formally with New York University in 2008, and now to complete the formal merger of the two institutions, slated to be completed sometime in 2014. This supplement was drafted with the input of the faculty and administration of both NYU-Poly, as we are now known, and NYU, and the board of NYU-Poly. Nearly all comments have been incorporated. We thank everyone for their input, and look forward to the ever-greater success as an institution under the guidance of both these documents in the years to come.

Download and read the supplement to the "Strategic Plan for Polytechnic"