Middle States Self-Study Working Groups

Explanation of Working Groups and Standards

Each Working Group is chaired by a member of the Steering Committee to help assure that the Steering Committee is current on the issues being addressed and so that it will be most beneficial and supportive to the Working Groups’ needs.

Other working group members were selected from Steering Committee recommendations, based on such factors as a desire to achieve a mix of veterans and those more recent to NYU-Poly, experience and resources they would bring to the Working Group, prior accreditation experience and each Working Group‘s needs as detailed in its objectives. Each person who joined a Working Group was asked to commit to the duration of the Self-Study process. Nevertheless the Working Groups can modify or augment their membership to the degree such changes enable it to better achieve its goals. Presently there are 38 members across the five Working Groups, of which 13 are also on the Steering Committee.

I. Institutional Planning to Achieve Strategic Goals

Standard 1: Mission and Goals

Standard 2: Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal

Standard 3: Institutional Resources

II. Leadership and Shared Governance Founded on Integrity

Standard 4: Leadership and Governance

Standard 5: Administration

Standard 6: Integrity

Standard 10: Faculty

III. Improvement through Assessment

Standard 7: Institutional Assessment

Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning

IV. Growing Enrollment and Improving Retention through Alignment

Standard 8: Student Admissions and Retention

Standard 9: Student Support Services

V. Educating Students for the Competitive Global Marketplace

Standard 11: Educational Offerings

Standard 12: General Education

Standard 13: Related Educational Activities

Working Group I

Standards 1, 2 & 3

Ji Mi Choi, Chair

Becker, Kurt

Dintino, Dennis

Knox, Michael

Noseworthy, Barbara

Smith, James

Working Group II

Standards 4, 5, 6 &10

Ed Miller, Chair

Allen, Sarah

Bain, Jonathan

Cowman, Mary

Davis, Valerie

Flynn, Robert

Ives, Suong

Jankunis, Bethany

Jiang, Jimmy

Marks, Erica

Richman, Jana

Working Group III

Standards 7 & 14

Michael Mainiero, Chair

Bates, Andrew

Garetz, Bruce

Parham, Melinda

Pathripala, Aaron

Steele, Stuart

Ulerio, Jose

Vradis, George

Working Group IV

Standards 8 & 9

Iraj Klakhoran, Chair

Aniello, Daniel

Colelli, Joy

Cooper, Racquel

DiBartolo, John

Farrington, Anita

Pymento, Julian (Student)

Toth, Richard


Lidsey Van Wagenen

Working Group V

Standards 11, 12 & 13

Kristen Day, Chair

Abir, Esra (Student)

Bonilla, JeanCarlo

Das, Nirod

Folan, Lorcan

Leslie, Christopher

McKenna, Caitlin (Student)

Ubell, Robert

Zurawsky, Walter