Poly Faculty and Staff Now Eligible for NYU Gmail and Google Apps

August 29, 2013

Dear Faculty & Staff:

NYU-Poly faculty and staff are now eligible for NYU gmail and Google Apps accounts.  You may have received and activated your NYU email account previously.  If that is the case, please skip the section below on activating your account.  You may, however, be interested in the links to tutorials further down in this email.  If you haven’t activated your NYU email please follow the steps below:

To Activate Your New @nyu.edu Account:

1.   Using a web browser, navigate to http://start.nyu.edu.

2.    Enter in your NYU NetID and click Start.

Note: Your NYU NetID is separate from your Poly ID #. You can find it on the back of your NYU-Poly badge.

3. If this is your first time activating your NetID, you will be guided through the account activation process and will be given the opportunity to set passwords for both your NYU NetID account and your NYU Google Apps.

If you have previously activated your NetID, you will be prompted for the password associated with your NYU NetID and then guided through the Google Apps account activation process only.  Afterwards, you will be given the opportunity to set passwords for both your NYU NetID account and your NYU Google Apps

Note: If you receive a message that your NetID cannot be activated or that you are not eligible for Google Apps, please contact the NYU-Poly Help Desk at help@poly.edu or 646.997.3123.

Once activated there are many helpful tutorials that show the differences between Outlook and Gmail.  These tutorials will explain the use of Google Apps for Education’s many features.  They can be found at: http://learn.googleapps.com. Especially helpful is the learn by App section and the tutorial “switch from Outlook or Notes in the first days section.

One common question is “how can I set up a personal address, or alias?”.  This can be easily done on-line.  Once you have activated your NYU account, log in to NYU home at http://home.nyu.edu.  Once logged in to NYU home, choose Preferences from the violet ribbon at the top of that page.  Within Preferences, click the edit button next to “Personal Address (es) and submit a personal address.  Be sure to choose carefully as you are allowed only one personal address per year.

Your NYU-Poly email account will not be affected in any way by enabling your NYU email and you can continue to use it as you become familiar with your new NYU Account.

Later this fall as we get settled into the new semester I will be sending instructions on migrating your current email, contacts, folders and calendars to gmail.


Tom Schmidt
Information Systems