Board Members

As leaders of a school responsible for educating the next generation of scientists and engineers, and for creating new knowledge, board members are the keepers of our mission. Educating qualified individuals from all walks of life to become the leaders of the local, national, and, now, international community. They must pay particularly close attention to the mission and the obligations to society that are unique to the academic enterprise. The board of trustees is responsible for, creating policy, setting mission and purpose, strategic planning, and reviewing programs, among other things. Chief among its roles is fundraising, as well as engaging our alumni, parent, and student communities.

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering's Board of Trustees is composed of great individuals that have come together to make this the world's premier engineering school.

as of April 2014
Mr. Ralph Alexander
Managing Director
Mr. Daniel H. Berry
Operating Partner
Riverside Partners, LLC
Ms. Bonnie Brier
General Counsel and Secretary
Mr. Curtis Brunson
Executive Vice President
L-3 Communications
Ms. Aviva D. Budd
Senior Vice President (retired)
Terremark Worldwide, Inc.
Dr. Bernard Bulkin
Vantage Point Venture Partners
Mr. Gerald W. Dawes
Construction Business Services, ConEd
Mr. Charles Fabrikant 
Executive Chairman
Seacor Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Richard Fishbein 
Partner (retired)
Cortec Group, Inc.
Mr. Sunil Godhwani
Chairman and Managing Director
Religare Enterprises Limited
Mr. Robert Gold
Sr. Managing Director
Ridgewood Energy
Mr. Charles J. Hinkaty
President & CEO (retired) 
Del Laboratories, Inc.
Dr. Paul M. Horn
Senior Vice Provost for Research, Distinguished Scientist in Residence, 
Ms. Christine Ianuzzi 
Mr. Lawrence W. Katz 
Katz Family Financial Advisors
Mr. Jeffrey H. Lynford
President & CEO
Educational Housing Services
Mr. Craig G. Matthews
Vice Chairman & COO (retired)
Dr. David McLaughlin
Mr. Mark H. Ronald
Chairman (retired)
BAE Systems, Inc.
Dr. John P. Schaefer
LSST Corporation
Dr. John Sexton

Mr. Ronald H. Schlosser
Executive Chairman
McGraw Hill Education

Mr. James M. Smith
Chairman, President & CEO (retired)
EDO Corporation
Mr. Joseph S. Steinberg
Leucadia National Corporation
Mr. Philip J. Venables
Managing Director
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Mr. Fred Wilson
Managing Partner
Union Square Ventures
Mr. Rudolph L. Wynter
FERC Regulated Businesses, National Grid