Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It is New York University Tandon School of Engineering's fundamental way of approaching academics and research by arming faculty and students with the tools and resources to turn their inspiration into applications, products, and services that take flight towards the market.

Explore the collection of concrete examples below of how NYU Tandon's mission is more than just words. See how our student, faculty, and School activities make us who we are.

We educate, discover, and invent.

We engage students seeking education achievement and opportunity, faculty seeking excellence and relevance, and organizations seeking solutions and talent.

We creatively bring intellectual rigor, technological innovation, and a passion for science to the communities where we work and live and to the citizens of the world.

We innovatively extend the benefits of science, engineering, and management to critical real-world opportunities and challenges, especially those linked to urban systems, health and wellness, and the global information economy.