Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It is New York University Tandon School of Engineering's fundamental way of approaching academics and research by arming faculty and students with the tools and resources to turn their inspiration into applications, products, and services that take flight towards the market.

It starts in the classroom…

To think like an inventor, you have to at times put down the textbook and get your hands dirty. Project-based coursework confronts students with problems that don’t have easy solutions, in fact, they often have many. By figuring out the best solution, students learn to push their thinking, refine their designs, and develop a taste for invention and innovation.

grows in the laboratory…

Some have called what’s going on in the halls of the NYU School of Engineering a “research renaissance,” a return to the spirited, rigorous scientific exploration that contributed to such life-altering advancements as the mass production of penicillin, the laser, and cell phone technology. And it’s not just faculty and Ph.D. candidates breaking new ground. Initiatives like the Annual Undergraduate Summer Research Program give undergraduates invaluable, hands-on research experience.

responds to real-world, 21st century needs…

Necessity is the mother of invention, and the needs of the 21st century are massive: cleaner ways to fuel our cars, homes, and cities; more efficient drugs to treat our sick; and safer ways to protect our online information, to name just a few. Invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship encourages faculty and students to apply their research to problems that may seem too big to fathom, but can no longer be ignored, and through hard work are ultimately, solvable.

and comes to life on the marketplace.

NYU School of Engineering has always been home to people who make things, but now we are also home to people who make businesses that make things. As they strive to solve the long-term and everyday problems of the 21st century, our faculty and students invent products and applications that form the foundations of start-up companies. School support and our Future Labs give faculty and students a launching pad to successful entrepreneurship.