Expanding Student Opportunities

A rich history of socioeconomic diversity — demonstrated by 50% of students being Pell eligible, partnered with 40% of the student body made up of those who are first in their families to attend college — is now being buttressed by the largest one-year increase in female students. Diversity is not only a benefit to the students who are provided the opportunity to attend a top 20 graduating salary school that will set them on a path to the middle class and beyond. It is also a boon to everyone at Tandon. We are better for the various paths that our students walk prior to enrolling.

Class of 2020
  • 37% female
  • 68% increase in African American students
  • 38% increase in Hispanic students
  • 42% increase in students traditionally underrepresented in STEM
Student Body
  • Pell eligibility: 50%
  • First in family to attend college: 40%
Founded by four Tandon undergrads; won 2nd place in this year’s InnoVention Competition. They use augmented reality and computer vision software to make construction practices more efficient. Construction firms across the city have expressed interest.