Highlights of our first year as NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Founded in 1854 as the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute — and often affectionately known as Brooklyn Poly — our school was, quite literally, the birthplace of the American Dream; it was our alum James Truslow Adams who coined that phrase in 1931. Then, as now, the dreams of our engineers and technologists revolve, in most cases, around making the planet a better place.

Thanks to a visionary and generous gift made in 2015, our school now bears a new name, Tandon, and a strengthened commitment to placing technology in service to society. Whether they are combatting pollution, developing new medical treatments, or making sure digital data remains private, Tandon researchers are ensuring that the world becomes cleaner, safer, better connected, and more sustainable.



At Tandon, we consistently recognize and honor outstanding members of our community. The faculty members shown here have been deemed among the brightest, most influential, and accomplished in the nation, and many of their Tandon colleagues have won similar laurels.

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As our professors and students make research breakthroughs, win awards, and launch initiatives, each day seems to bring more exciting news to Tandon.

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At Tandon, we know that the best solutions to real-world problems come about when engineers join forces with those in other fields, and we regularly partner with fellow researchers from schools across the university on important, long-range projects.

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As the innovation economy becomes increasingly important throughout the nation and around the world, Tandon and its thriving system of Technology Acceleration and Commercialization Hubs are helping to make Brooklyn an epicenter of entrepreneurship and enterprise.

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Diversity is not only a benefit to the students who are provided the opportunity to attend a top 20 graduating salary school that will set them on a path to the middle class and beyond.

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Born a stone’s throw away from the Brooklyn Bridge, whose cables were engineered by an alum, Tandon sits in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle …

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